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Funky designer t-shirts, hoodies, caps, bags - More Funk , Jami Blond and Afrika range - 

 An ICSD SA initiative bringing together the youth of the world.

 I founded a non-profit organization about 10 years ago - my focus is on education for children in Africa through using online platforms at no cost to the learners - the children of Africa are citizens of the world and should not be seen as children from a poor and needy continent supported by aid - I have developed a initiative that is simple and does not need capital - it works through using social media platforms - good marketing communication and building global relationships between the youth,

 African Mythology, ancient civilization, music and dance, African Folk Tails and Proverbs are so rich and unique - we should share with the rest of the world

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is changing the lives of children in Africa through self realization - we invite the youth of the world to join us on this journey - through our social media platforms - buy  one of our products and get connected - find a friend in Africa

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela
Father of our nation

About Us

Treasure Louw

store owner

We are a South African Non-Profit company - we are passionate about improving the lives of children in Africa - we have designed a range of funky t-shirts and hoodies caps and bags - we reach out to the youth all over the world to support this program and buy one of our products- making a difference and  building relationships across the globe -


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